„Sto lat” (typical Polish birthday song) explained

Have you ever been to a Polish birthday party or a Polish wedding? If not, you will have a chance to learn some songs which are obligatory on such an occasion. If yes, in a few minutes you will find out what exactly they are about.


Listen to my audiolog which is in Polish but you should understand it when you are on lower-intermediate level. The most difficult phrases can be found below the video.

Imieniny — a name day.

Wesele — the party after the wedding.

Zasada — a rule.

Pomyślność — something between good fortune and success.

To leci tak — it goes like this.

Wersja — a version.

Gwiazda — a star.

Gasnąć — to go out (like a star).

Świecić — to shine.

Skrywać się, chować się — to hide (one’s self).

Zasnąć — to fall asleep.

Odpisać — to write back.

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